Chapter Officer Application

The National FFA organization has different levels of participation for FFA Officers.  You are starting the first step to become a chapter officer.  In becoming a chapter officer, you are a leader and you are the future of Mingus FFA.

This is a very simple application and must be completed in full.  Please read carefully and fill out all questions with the complete truth to the best of your knowledge; you will be at a great advantage.

Please understand that this application is the first section in becoming a Mingus FFA officer. You will also be asked to participate in an interview with a committee comprised of a minimum of a senior officer, teacher, and administrator.  

Your application is due on Wednesday, April 1st, by 3:30pm

Good luck on your quest to become a Mingus FFA chapter officer! If you have any questions ask Mr. Banuelos or Mr. Elmer.

***Note:  To run for President or Vice President you must have held office for a minimum of one year prior.  Exception: Officers all graduate or do not reapply for office or at committee discretion.***